How to choose a TV: a short buying guide for beginners

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Choosing a good TV is very simple. If it has a big screen size, high resolution, decent matrix technology, and loud speakers — it is a great model. However, the main question is do you really need all these options. In this article, we will talk about the most important TV characteristics and whether they worth overpaying for.

Screen size

The best screen size for you depends on a number of criterions: the room size, eyesight problems, and the type of content you are going to use the TV for. A model with a huge screen is a bad choice for a small kitchen. Buying a small 29-inch TV for a large living room is also a poor decision. To understand what size screen would suit you the most choose a place where you will put your television and a place where are you going to watch it from. Measure the distance between these points and divide it by 1.2 to get the maximum recommended screen size or by 2.5 to get the minimum recommended screen size.


Screen resolution

The higher the resolution, the closer the distance where you can comfortably enjoy your TV with a good image quality. For instance, Ultra HD videos (also known as UHD or 4k) with 3840×2160 resolution are a joy to watch on a 70-inch screen even from the close distance. As to the standard 720×576 resolution used in air broadcasting, you will have to watch if from a far distance or on a small TV in order to get a decent image quality.


Most of the budget TV models come with standard 2.0 stereo speakers. Premium devices may offer an advanced solution such as 5.2 surround-systems with two subwoofers and Dolby Atmos support. Some models use unique technologies, such as Acoustic Surface from Sony, which turns the entire surface of a screen into a sound-emitting structure.

Smart TV

TVs with Smart TV support use Android TV, Tizen, or Web OS and come with powerful built-in processors, RAMs, and wired or wireless internet ports. Such models can be independently used with various internet-services.

Nowadays, Smart TV comes with the most of the modern TVs. We do not recommend you to buy a model without this feature, since the number of useful Smart TV apps keeps increasing with every year. Moreover, thanks to the Wi-Fi some of these TVs can be used without a satellite dish or television antenna, which greatly simplifies the installation.

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