How to choose a blender: a short buying guide for beginners

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Blenders are universal devices that can be used in many ways. Mix fruits and vegetables, make smoothies, pates, sauces, and even cook minced meat — you can perform all these tasks and more with a good blender. There are many types of them on the market and it may be hard to choose the best one. In this article, we will explain the main differences between blender types and help you make the right decision.

Types of blenders: what are the differences?

Let us tell you about the most popular types of blenders.

The classic construction

Classic blenders consist of a steady base with control buttons as the lower part of a device and a capped container on top of it with a swirling blade located at its bottom. The working principle is simple: load ingredients into the container, choose the speed and start blending.

The biggest advantage of classic construction is that you do not have to hold the blender in hand and press the start button the entire time. You only need to press it once and wait until the device finishes its work.

Immersion blenders

Immersion blenders (also known as the stick, wand, or hand blenders) are much simpler. Such devices comprise a housing with an electric motor inside and removable cutting blades at the end of a shaft. Most of the immersion blenders come with a plastic or glass bowl that can be used for blending. It is also possible to use them with other containers, like pans or pots.


Blend-and-Cook blenders

These are more expensive and versatile variations of classic blenders. Such devices have a heating element inside that allows cooking the contents of the container. Some of the blend-and-cook models have a pre-installed program for soup making, but usually, they are used to heat homemade juice or fruit puree.

Grinding blender

Such blenders are intended for grinding fruits and vegetables. They are similar to classic models but use sharper blades. It is very easy to make salads with these devices! However, you should pick a classic model if you plan to use a blender for whisking.


Powerful blenders (with at least 800-watt motors) with a classic construction will suit most of your needs. If you often blend-frozen products or ice, choose classic or grinding models that are even more powerful (1000-watt motors or better). Immersion blenders are great for making sauces, creams, and ketchup. Finally, blend-and-cook blenders can be useful for cooking porridges and soups.

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