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Best 330 Ohm Resistor
Want to know how we picked the best 330 ohm resistor on the market? It was not easy: we considered such aspects as price, material, selection of colors, and many more characteristics. We tried to cover every important detail, but if you think we missed something — let us know about it!

If you are looking for the best 330 ohm resistor that money can buy, read our review before making your choice. Our team thoroughly compared hundreds of options presented at the marketplace to find the best 330 ohm resistor among all the other products.

Top of 330 Ohm Resistor of 2018

Rating Image Name and Features Details
Cutequeen 750 pcs 1. Cutequeen 750 pcs
You don’t need to read color bands, each value is individually labeled and packaged.
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22 Values 1 4w 1% Resistor 2. 22 Values 1 4w 1% Resistor
10, 22, 33, 47, 100, 220, 330, 470, 1k, 2k, 2.2k, 4.7k, 5.1k, 10k, 22k, 33k, 47k, 100k, 220k, 330k, 470k and 1m ohm.
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Eaone 850 Pieces 30 Values 1% Resistor 3. Eaone 850 Pieces 30 Values 1% Resistor (Best Eco-Friendly)
30 values, 1% tolerance, 1/4w, metal film.
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№ 1. Cutequeen 750 pcs, 30 Values Resistor Kit X 25pcs 750 Pcs (10 Ohm, 1m Ohm) 1 4w Metal Film Resistors Assortment

You don’t need to read color bands, each value is individually labeled and packaged. Quantity: 750 pcs (30 values x 25 pcs). Lead free and rohs compliant.1/2w asin: b018nejyu6; 1w asin: b01dkc9c1c. 1% tolerance.1/4 watt, metal film resistors. 25 pcs each of the following standard values: and 1m.


25 pcs each
You don’t need
1% tolerance.1/4 watt
Given all the pros, this product is impeccable.

What warranty period is considered optimal for 330 ohm resistor?

In the most cases, two-year long warranty period is considered as optimal for 330 ohm resistor. 330 ohm resistorhave a tendency to lose their quality with time. Replacing old 330 ohm resistorwith a new model is a much better option than an overpriced lifetime warranty.


№ 2. 22 Values 1 4w 1% Resistor Kit Assortment, 10 Ohm, 1m Ohm (pack of 550)

25 pcs each of the frequently used resistors: and 1m ohm. 1% tolerance ( 5% sold by other sellers).1/4w, metal film. Lower price but better quality and greater quantity. Find each ohm resistor quickly without reading color bands. Perfect for breadboard in arduino electronic projects and other experiments. Each ohm resistor individually packaged and neatly labeled for easy organization.


1% tolerance
25 pcs each
Sorted by ohm resistor
Each ohm resistor individually packaged
The material is not flexible, so it is easy to break.
It works well, but the price matches the quality — it is very high.


№ 3. Eaone 850 Pieces 30 Values 1% Resistor Kit, 0 Ohm-1m Ohm 1 4w Metal Film Resistors Assortment for Diy and Experiments

Great compatibility: works well with a wide variety of applications including arduino projects and other electronic and electrical experiments. Relative parameters: 30 values.1% tolerance.1/4w, metal film. Bonus: come with a free plastic box, keep your resistor kit tidy and organized, convenient for store and fetch. Easy to use: every value was labled and packed individually, there are color code guidance help you read the right resistance. Useful assortment: 850 pcs of 1 set, including 4 common values resistors(100.220.1k.10k ohm).50 pcs of each values; and 26 ordinary values resistors.25 pcs of each.


Great compatibility
Useful assortment
Relative parameters
You can find much cheaper products with the same functionality.

What do I have to do in order to get a refund for a 330 ohm resistor?

Shop has a customer-friendly return policy, which means that you will not have any difficulties returning your money. If there is something wrong with your 330 ohm resistor, you only need to contact the customer support and ask for a refund. However, you should carefully read the item’s description before buying a 330 ohm resistor.

Do good 330 ohm resistorrequire a lifetime warranty?

Every manufacturer offer various warranty terms. Some companies sell 330 ohm resistorwith a lifetime warranty, while the others only offer one-year or two-year protection. The cheapest models usually do not have any warranties at all. We think that five-year warranty is more than enough for the most 330 ohm resistor.

How to find out whether is 330 ohm resistor that I am buying is good?

You can find out everything you need to know about any specific 330 ohm resistor at our site before buying it. That is why we like this marketplace so much: it offers a very convenient website with “Compare” feature, as well as hundreds of user reviews. Read them to understand whether a 330 ohm resistor is suitable for you.

Are new 330 ohm resistorsupposed to be expensive?

Obviously, a good 330 ohm resistor cannot be very cheap. If you want to buy a decent product, you should not be trying to save money on it. We recommend you to order the best models from our list of the best 330 ohm resistorif you can afford it.

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