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We are honored to tell you that every review on this website is independent and free from all prejudice and favoritism. Our team never rates products in commercial considerations. Not a single review with a star rating, presented on this website, has been paid by third parties.

However, in order to be completely fair to our readers, we warn them that this website runs advertorial feature content. Such materials are very easy to distinguish by their “Sponsored” tag.

From time to time, our team attends various shows and presentations to see interesting products. We always mention such details in our articles. Do note that it does not affect our attitude towards products, but might affect what products exactly we will write about. The team of may not be able to review certain products if its manufacturer never allowed us such an opportunity.

The vast majority of products we are reviewing is sent to us by their manufacturers. Most of the time, we request them ourselves. Keep in mind that we only make reviews on specific products that interest us! As a rule, all products are returned to manufacturers on the very first request or by the end of the pre-agreed period.

The scoring system of is simple: every product receives from 1 to 5 stars. Three stars is an above average product that can be characterized as good or very good. Better products are honored with a four-star score.

There is also a five-star score, but we use it on rare occasions. Only the exceptionally good products receive it. Additionally, we might use half stars for more accurate grades.

Usually, reviews on this website contain shopping links to reviewed products. We add them to help our readers see the average price of any specific item and easily buy it online. Keep in mind that our parent company receives a tiny part of the purchase price every time somebody clicks on these links and buys a product.

Writers and editors from TechRadar, our sister website, are no longer work for — though we used to work with the same people on both of these projects. Currently, if you send something to TechRadar, it does not mean that this product will be reviewed on or vice versa. The team of this website is editorially independent of TechRadar and may take a different point of view.

Sometimes we use content from T3 Magazine and collaborate with it when we review key products. Nevertheless, most of the time we work separately since our lead times are different, especially for reviews. We are warning you once again: if you send a product to the print magazine, it does not mean that this website will review it, and vice versa.

How to request a review of a product at

You can send us your product if you want us to review it. We accept requests with images of the product by e-mail. We urge you to not pitch using Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms!

We accept phone calls, but if you only want to ask whether or not you should send a press release, we advise you against them. Simply send your materials if you are sure they are relevant. Phone calls will not increase the chances that we will read them. You should not worry since we always read relevant releases.

The team of almost never reviews products on spec. We recommend you to contact us before sending review samples.

This website does not cover startups, business or industry stories, as well as fintech and financial results or individual apps. Moreover, we do not publish articles based on surveys or similar – our main source of material is the products itself and our experience.

On rare occasions, we might cover crowdfunded projects within our Crowdfund Corner feature. As a rule, all projects we are reviewing must be funded.

If you have goods for review, contact us: +1 212-683-9100 | | 276 5th Ave Suite 704 New York, NY 10001.
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